EZTIKIDETZA, S.A.T. is the only company of the province of Bizkaia (Bask Country) who is beekeeper and producer of honey..We extract the honey directly from the hive we pack it and we commercialize it. We do not filter nor pasteurize the honey as commercially done as we know those actions remove most pollen particles , and destroy both vitamins and biological properties of the product. That are the reasons why our honey is present in the market in a creamy and natural aspect.

The main differences between the Eztikidetza’s Honey and the other honey are :

• Our Honey is crude and natural , preserving the nutritional benefits for the health

Our Honey is fresh pure honey , direct from the hive and bottled inmediately.

• Our Honey is a complete honey with high content in pollen grains and enzymes produced locally by the bees

• Our Honey is clean, without any additives .

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